december 2017

Publishing: ANO «Runivers»

ISSN 2306-4978

Pages: 256


In any issue on General History we always aim to create not only harmony of eclectic themes and scientific problems, but as well tend to find certain leading lines, semantic and thematic cores that hold the diverse material together.

In this particular issue, there are three such themed lines: the history of personality (including religious identity), the history of territory and the history of science.

Articles by Sergey V. Belavenets, Leonid I. Levin, Alexey V. Morokhin, Elizaveta L. Chernova, and Lubov Chernina offer an interesting analysis of individual biographies within the historical context of the most diverse epochs: medieval Spain during Alfonso X reign, the second quarter of the 19th century in Russia — the Nicolas I reign, the USSR and the Russian emigrant environment of the 1920s-1940s.

Naturally comes the eternal question of what are the mechanisms and obstacles for historical memory formation. And another eternal question of what фку the relations between an individual and the society at the turning points of history, especially during revolution and revolution’s «aftertaste».

Researchуs by Nataliya A. Okhotina-Lind and Evgeniy E. Rychalovsky touch upon issues related to Historical Geography, a branch of knowledge that occupies an important and honored place in scientific works by modern historians. In recent decades the definition of historical landscape has become one of the fundamental categories of knowledge. Fernand Braudel believed that the history of a territory was the key to understanding the past, and famous Russian historian Vasily Klyuchevsky, who dared to publish the work of his life only in the beginning of the 20th century, suggests colonization to be the key factor in Russian history.

Finally, our regular rubrics, Historiography and Historical Thought, are represented by Grigory N. Lanskoy (author of a series of scientific and biographical portraits of Soviet historians previously published), Sergey V. Devyatov and Vasiliy Zh. Tsvetkov.

A review by Sergey V. Devyatov of the monograph by E.A. Kotelenets on the disputes about Lenin, continues the central theme of 2017 — the 100th anniversary of the 1917 revolution, which some contemporary scientists suggest to refer to as — the Great Russian Revolution. This year, 2018, is an anniversary for the revolutionary ideological heritage of Vladimir Lenin and the political revolutionary practice based on it (especially after the failure of the Constituent Assembly, a historical alternative that vanished one hundred

years ago).

A review by Vasiliy A. Tokarev is dedicated to the monograph by the Polish scientist Slavomir Dembsky «Between Berlin and Moscow. German-Soviet Relations in 1939–1941». The monograph analyzes a set of crucial geopolitical issues that shaped the motifs of the USSR and Nazi Germany foreign policy in the prewar years, as well as the agenda and context of their bilateral relations.

Alexey E. Titkov



Hieromonch Nikon (Sergey V. Belovenets). The Russian Orthodox Church, the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad, the Russian Imperial House of the Romanovs. The History of Relations After the 1917 Revolution

Lyubov V. Chernina. Problems of Religious Conversion in the Legal Work of Alfonso X

Ekaterina L. Chernova. Renovationist Metropolitan A.I. Vvedensky: Personality as a State Project

Evgeniy E. Rychalovsky. Geographical Discoveries and the Expansion of Imperial Borders in the Correspondence Between Irkutsk Governors and Governors-General with the Central Government. 1760s — 1790s

Natalia A. Okhotina-Lind. Where is Vitus Bering buried?

Alexey V. Morokhin. «I Recognize Myself in My Father»: Nicolas I and the Cult of Emperor Paul I in the Second Quarter of the 19th Century

Leonid I. Levin. The Case of the «Brunswick Family» (V.V. Stasov and M.A. Korf)


Lanskoy G.N. Development of the Soviet Historical Science in the Research Works of A.L. Shapiro


Tsvetkov V.Zh. Review of the monograph: A.M. Matveeva. The Geopolitical Concept of Russia’s History by P.N. Savitsky: monograph

Devyatov S.V. Professional and Personal Life of V.I. Lenin in Contemporary Historical Literature. Review of the book by Kotelenets, E.A. «The Fight for Lenin. The Latest Research and Debates»

Tokarev V.A. Dembsky, S. Between Berlin and Moscow.German-Soviet Relations in 1939-1941