november 2016

Publishing: ANO «Runivers»

ISSN 2306-4978

Pages: 208


The present issue of the Historical Reporter is dedicated to the early stage in the development of Russian legislation. Boris N. Floria and Peter S. Stefanovich examine legislative initiatives of Vladimir Sviatoslavich the Great, who introduced Christianity as the state religion in Rus’. Anton A. Gorky analyses the year 1071 in the Primary Chronicle, and examines the Judicial Practices of the Russkaya Pravda (Russian Law) — the legal code of Old Rus’. Konstantin V. Vershinin focuses on Merilo Pravednoye — an Old Russian legal collection, which includes monuments of Byzantine and Rus’law. A peculiar story of the so-called Legal Oath on Board based on the Old Rus’ and German sources is analysed by Pavel V. Lukin.
The issue is completed by traditional sections. Alexander U. Donskoy investigates the archival document on the surveillance of the famous actress Vera Kholodnaya, whom the Intelligence Service suspected of spying during the First World War. Ulia V. Kim examines in the Memoirs section how did the 1812 events influence the family of Musin-Pushkin, an eminent states man and archeograph. Grigory N. Lanskoy highlights the studies of academician Boris V. Anan`ich in the sphere of the economic and political history of Russia.

Alexey E. Titkov


Preface to the Issue

Boris N. Floria. The Cancellation of the Fines by Vladimir Sviatoslavich

Petr S. Stefanovich. The Chronicle Account of the year 6504 Anno Mundi (996 AD) about the Penalties and Fines: an attempt of interpretation

Anton A. Gorsky. The Legal Regulations of Russkaya Pravda (Russian Law) and Judicial Practices: Yan Vyshtich near Beloozero 

Konstantin V. Vershinin. Merilo Pravednoye or Just Measure and the Peculiarities of Byzantine Law Perception in Ruthenia (Rus’) 

Pavel V. Lukin. Justice on Board in XV c. Novgorod 


Alexander U. Donskoy. The actress Vera Kholodnaya has been suspected in espionage: archival investigation


Ulia V. Kim. The 1812 events in the family mirror: the Musin-Pushkin father and son


Grigory N. Lanskoy. Studies of academician B.V. Anan`ich in sphere of economical and political history of Russia